Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonight's post might be another one you want to skip. I haven't slept well lately, so by the time I get on here my mind is rather deadish. I can't even really think of what to write about. That is how dead my mind is. It is a fairly common occurrence for me (which made writing papers and doing homework doubly difficult). I hear the cure for writers block is to just keep writing though so maybe the same is true of the times when I feel like my brain isn't functioning. Sometimes I wonder how much of my difficulty thinking is caused by pain and how much by other forces such as lack of sleep. Perhaps, it is simply, I think not. Maybe I will learn more about it as I read up more on Fibromyalgia (I've let that slip lately, but I shall try to work at it...along with all the other things I need to work on).

I absolutely love books. I love reading books, I love owning books. I love libraries and bookstores. On I have numerous wishlists that I fill with books that look interesting. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of books. There are many books I hope to one day read. A few of my favorite authors are Gail Carson Levine, Jessica Day George, Anne McCaffrey (her Pern books!), Tamora Pierce, and Brandon Sanderson. I could go on forever listing authors I love--Jane Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jenny Hansen, Marcia Lynn McClure, and Elizabeth Mansfield. One of my favorite types of novels are fairytale spin-offs. And I am a big fan of "happily ever after." And can't forget Dan Yates, Orson Scott Card, and Tolstoy, to say nothing of Madeleine L'Engle, Jane Yolen, and Patricia Wrede. (And Ursula K. LeGuin).

I was just reading back through that last paragraph and it certainly is not well-crafted, but that is what this blog is for--for me to write without letting myself get caught up in its imperfections. That is something that is a major block for me when it comes to writing. And of course the fear that what I'm writing is utter junk--junkabajunk even. I really did name this blog well, if I do say so myself. Perhaps sometimes I can take a jab at writing a quick something as part of this blog. A scene, a story idea, something. Google book is another wonderful tool. I love that I can access full text of some books. I like it very much and it came in handy when writing some of my research papers. Well, time continues to march on and I need to go and make some soon should I start trying to fall asleep, should I take meds, etc. Signing off...And good night.

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