Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boring thoughts?

Once again I am quite tired. It is more difficult to think of topics to write about when I am tired. Earlier today I thought of things to write about, but now I can't remember them and even if I did I doubt I'd be able to expound on them as eloquently. Why can't I write something interesting? Anything I think about writing about sounds so boring. Or perhaps my tiredness makes me not able to think of anything interesting to write because it seems reasonable that it is possible to write something interesting about the most boring of topics. Or perhaps I just find my writing boring. Or perhaps I find my thoughts rather boring.

My hand was swollen earlier today. I assume the swelling is caused by the inflammation in the carpal tunnel. Today I received a fair number of compliments, or at least so it seemed. From co-worker, customers, the bank teller, etc.

Midwifery interests me. I would like to learn more about it. It first caught my interest when I read a book called Mormon Midwife. Since then I've learned that there are modern midwives. Some women use only midwifes and others use them in tangent with regular doctors. Of course most people just go to the regular doctors. However, I really do find the idea of midwives very fascinating.

I believe I should go to bed soon. Not that I'll necessarily be able to sleep or sleep well, but I figure I'm tired, so I might as well at least give my body the opportunity to rest and recuperate. I will see the doctor tomorrow. I'm not sure how many questions I'll be able to get in since it's not even a consultation appointment, but hopefully I'll come away tomorrow with a few answers or at least less questions. So, until tomorrow (hopefully) good-bye.

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