Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silly Miscellany

I'm kind of in a bit of a silly mood right now. Perhaps it is being brought on my the Cheshire cat moon we're enjoying tonight (I call this particular type of moon the Cheshire cat moon because it looks like the smile the Cheshire cat leaves behind as he disappears in Disney's Alice in Wonderland.) Right now I kind of just want to read a book. A whole book. Non-stop until I'm finished. That would be fun, but probably not very smart of me. I stopped by the library after work today--that was fun. I love looking at books and movies =). It was a beautiful day outside today. Not too hot...not too cold, a bit windy, but that's fine. I should probably eat some supper before too much time goes by and I might just pull out a book even if I don't have enough time to read the whole thing right now. Life is great despite all the pitfalls...its easy to lose sight of all that is good. It helps that I got stuff done at Leading Edge tonight. I might not be in such a good frame of mind if I hadn't been so productive. Plus I went to the temple today and that was wonderful. And I got off work 2 hours early, which was fabulous, and I get to see Kelsey and Lori Jane tomorrow. It seems like there was more but I forget now.

If you have any topics you'd like to hear me sputter on about, feel free to suggest them. Ideas bounce in and out of my conscious mind, although sometimes it feels like they spend more time out than in, but whatever. Have I mentioned that I love writing!? And my knee is hurting me some, so I think I should probably unbend it. My left arm is still hurting some today...so I wore my arm brace to work. We'll just see what happens with all of that stuff...my health issues and whatnot. I think also part of what made tonight nice was looking at good art--I was arranging the artwork for Sandi Johnson's sketchbook, which will be published in our May issue. I love Sandi's art--it is so beautiful! Oh, I got to see more pictures of Jenn, Brian, and Iain. :)

I often wonder what I ought to be doing with my life. In many ways I don't feel like I am going in any real direction right now...more like circles, maybe. Or maybe it's more like I'm twirling around...ah well...I guess twirling can be fun. The mention of twirling reminds me of two things. 1) dancing around the living room as records played, 2) You've Got Mail--such a good movie. Well, I think dinner and a book do sound quite nice, although I'm not really sure what to eat for my dinner...lately it's often ended up as grapes and cheese, with perhaps a slice or two of balony. Rather wierd, I know, but perhaps a bit healthier than my normal sort of meals. Ta Ta for Now


  1. I would like to hear you sputter on about faeries, please.

  2. Can do...will be forthcoming



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