Monday, April 13, 2009


So, today I decided I wanted to create a blog. It is a pretty random decision, but now it is done. Most of you are probably wondering about the title of this blog. I'm not sure if it would even make sense to anyone other than myself and my brother Nathan. However, I will attempt an explanation. So, I like writing. I also like playing around with words--I like to make them my own. I used to call most everything junk. So in order to distinguish between regular junk and real junk, I created the term junkabajunk, to be used for true junk.

Now, knowing the basic origins of this word you might wonder why I would name my blog this. For one thing, I wanted to name it something that would be uniquely me. To my knowledge, no one else uses this word. Second, I dream of becoming a writer. Now I don't expect anything I write here to be a masterpiece, so it seems reasonable to consider it junk--mere meanderings of my brain.

At this point, I'm not sure how often I will blog, nor what I will end up writing about. While I love writing, I don't have much faith in my ability to write well. So, I guess this is a way to get me writing more and to an audience besides my journal. I don't expect that my blog will be widely read, but maybe a person or two will happen by it and take a moment to read and comment.

I could write for hours, but unfortunately (or fortunately, for you) I need to at least pretend like I am reasonable. Hence I shall leave off writing for the time and work on doing something more productive or more prudent--such as going to bed. So, to the universe I say--Hasta Luego.

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