Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fog. My mind is full of fog, as it often is. And I wonder, how can I compete in life if I can't even think straight. While I may not always make sense, I can promise you that I shall try. Just keep in mind that I may be having difficulty thinking as I write. Perhaps this is how everyone feels, but I feel like it increases for me. Despite the fog that obscures my brain, I promise I shall try to make sense when writing this blog, then "at least no one can say I didn't try" (name that movie, eh. I not very good in that game, so I'll just tell you where it is from--Merry Mirthworm Christmas). But enough with fog.

Friends. Friends are wonderful! Heart to heart talks. Quality time spent together. Laughing together. Supporting one another. We all want good friends. But friendship requires effort. Work. I find that sometimes you have to bend a little. You won't see eye to eye on everything. You will not agree on everything (how boring that would be). I think I'm falling into cliches and be very boring. But just know, I am grateful for wonderful friends.

What consumes your brain power? What do you think of most of the time? I'm afraid thoughts such as "I'm tired," "I'm hungry," and "I hurt" are the thoughts most commonly found running through my mind. And at the moment all three of those things are bogging my mind down. So, I will go and try to rectify those and leave the writing for another time.

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