Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Trip to the River

However did it get so late...ah well, I should have time for at least a short post. Today I went to the river--Glen Maury River. My sisters Alice and Sarah also went. We had lots of fun playing in the water, enjoying the peace of a beautiful spring day, and trying to skip rocks (I wasn't so good at that). It's been a long time since I've been to the river, but I hope to go again sometime soon. The smells, sounds, and sights all brought back memories and created new ones to remember in times to come. The cool water felt good in contrast to the warm day and very few bugs bothered us. Walking up the river with Sarah caused a song from Easter Parade to pop into my mind--"A Walk Up the Avenue." Not quite an avenue, or at least a watery avenue.

Do you know whose blog I like? Patricia C. Wrede http://pcwrede.com/blog/--she gives lots of good writing advice. This coming Saturday I'm attending a writing workshop at SVU. Orson Scott Card, Brandon Mull, and a few other others will be there. It should be good. I really need to spend more time writing. I am never going to reach my goals if I do not. (note regarding my last post: I wouldn't not get married because those things I wanted to happen before I married hadn't happened, but it is nice that two of them now have occurred:).)

I enjoyed watching General Conference this past weekend. The speakers gave wonderful talks. It's a bit daunting thinking about all the things I need to work on and improve in, but all is possible with the help of Lord and effort on my part, of course. In Institute today we reviewed some of the talks and topics from Conference. I especially liked hearing about Elder Rasband's talk from the Priesthood session. He spoke of an experience he had of observing President Eyring assign out mission calls, and encouraging him, Elder Rasband, to pay more attention to the spiritual guidance the Spirit offers. That struck me greatly. I want to strive to do just that. To diligently strive.

Did you notice the lack of "to be" verbs in this post--I diligently strove to avoid using them. Some of my sentences may sound a bit strange as a result. I am unaccustomed to striking their use from my writing, but it is a habit I hope to develop, for I do believe my writing will improve a bit as a result.

I enjoy crafts. In fact, I am cross-stitching at this very moment, in between typing thoughts to this post. Also, my brother Samuel gave me a beading loom for Christmas that I really want to try out. My older brother, Nathan and Byron, and I did some beading in our younger years. I enjoy making cards--I made one just tonight--a get well card for my grandma.

Do you ever have those times when you remember short parts of movies and a sense of the movie but can't remember the name of it? I do. One movie continues to flicker at the edges of my brain. I think Fred Astaire might star in it. And it seems like he owns a fashionable clothing store or something and pretends he doesn't, so as to give a girl privileges modeling the gowns or something. He says a madame so and so owns it. And eventually reveals that he is actually the owner. See, I remember so little. Hopefully some day I'll come across it again.

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