Saturday, June 27, 2009


Martha James Cragun, one of my ancestors, was an amazing woman.

I hurt...especially my left ankle and lower leg...I'm not sure what is wrong with it. Also my left arm is really starting to hurt. Among other pains, of course. I had a brain MRI this week...just to rule out having anything wrong with my brain that would be causing dizziness and tingling. My SED rate is down to 6, which is really good, but I'm still in bunches of pain. I'll finish up with my temporary meds on Monday, which means I need to call my rheumatologist to see what the next step is. Yesterday I was at my internship for 6 hours. I really enjoyed it. Today I'll only be able to go for a couple hours since I have work at 4 PM. My back is really hurting. I discovered this week. I really like it. I also joined twitter. I read part of an article about it as I was waiting for my MRI and it made it sound interesting, so I joined.

I have lots and lots of stuff I need to do and get done before I move home in August. I should probably get going now...go to my internship or whatever. I also need to try and not stress out too much...and stuff like that. Hasta Luego.

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