Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Randomness and so forth

Where to begin...I've thought of numerous things to write about throughout the day...unsurprisingly most of them medical related. This might end up being in lots of random orderness. So, this morning I went to my rheumatologist. And he wants to focus on bringing down my overall inflamation level, which is a good thing, but hard for me imagine happening, since as far as I know I've never had a SED rate under 13 and he wants to get me down to a 2. So, we'll see. He is not really willing to focus on all the randomness in my body until then. He says the tingling in my elbow cannot be caused by carpal tunnel since it involves a different nerve. So, back to ignoring it all as best I can, well not necessarily ignoring it, but trying to not allow it to worry me.

Oh, and apparently as far as individual health insurance goes, I am pretty much uninsurable since I have fibromyalgia. There are a couple of options, but my best bet is to get on a group health plan either by getting a job with medical coverage, or something like that. Random tingling and pain can be frustrating...just in case you wanted to know. At the moment I am having random tingling on the left side of my face next to my nose. Like I said, random.

Today I also looked more into getting a new job...and what little I did was rather exhausting to me and the job search process is rather daunting, plus my doctor did ask if I thought I could actually work full time...but as I told her...what other options do I have...not any good ones that I can see. And so, the search must go on. And we will just hope and pray that things can get worked out with my body.

I used to loathe medicine. I was not at all fond of it, especially prescription medicine. So, you have an idea of how ironic it is that the following thought crossed my mind this evening:"Medicine is a good thing, at least for me." LOL, but it's true. Without medicine I'd have a bit more difficulty attempting to function. I stuggle with that as is.

Writing tip of the day: Just get started--do whatever it takes...tell yourself you just have to write one paragraph, promise yourself rewards, whatever...the important thing is to get started, and once you do it is generally easy to keep going. (Tip courtesy of my internship with Rick Walton.)

Music is wonderful and random pains are not.


  1. Thanks for the writing tip. I am going to write a post on my blog now.

  2. I didn't know you had a blog, I'm going to go find it.



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