Friday, December 11, 2009


Why is it that so often when I have time to do some of the things on my to do list, all I want to do is things that I can do any other time... I'm probably not making any sense. But I guess that's cause I'm kind of tired. I keep staying up late working on Christmas presents for my family, but I really do want to get them done in time. I almost kind of want to work on them now...that or sleep...or read...or just relax... You see my problem? Maybe you don't, but I do.

Many times I have difficulty deciding what to do with my time. I think that sometimes I spend more time trying to decide what would be the best use of my time than doing things. I'm often not very good at spending my time well...and come to think of it, I'm not very good at spending money well either. I guess I just need to work on getting better at these things.

I like cross-stitching while watching tv and movies. 'Cause then I'm getting stuff done and doing something fun. I used to also get stuff done on my computer while watching tv, but now since my computer doubles as my tv, it can't really happen.

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